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 We carry Earthquake Disaster Supplies, Earthquake Kits and Water Storage Barrels to serve all your emergency disaster needs.  

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55 gallon water barrel and water drum accessories
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55 Gallon Water Barrels are a  "Must Have" for Earthquake Preparedness. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to safely store a large supply of water for long term emergency survival.
These Water Storage Containers are not only Perfect for Family Earthquake Preparedness and Survival Storage, but are ideal for Churches, Shelters, Offices, and Schools, as well.
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A LERT: Some GOOD NEWS and some BAD NEWS about a large Imminent West Coast Earthquake!

Can Earthquakes be Predicted?
global earthquake pacific ring of fire
Predicted-not so precisely.... Forecasted? a Definate YES!

California "Big One" Somewhat Predictable?


Professionals have denied for years that earthquakes transfer pressure from one location to another! However, one person has proven that it is possible to forecast earthquakes by studying the avenue patterns of “pressure transfer” (originaing from deep zones in the west Pacific Rim) across vast distances. This, due to the tedious study of the habits of earthquakes for over 7 years. It has enabled him to forecast, with amazing 80% accuracy, as to where to expect earthquakes to happen (within a 100-200 mile range) in a weeks time or less, within 3-7 days warning time. The person doing this study is simply known as Dutchsinse. Some Professionals are only now starting to accept and prove his theory as factual.
Research has shown that there is a very close link between the Cascadia Subduction Zone (off coast of NW US) and San Andreas Faultline, and any major earthquake in the Cascadia (which is capable of a 9.2), would most certainly trigger a major earthquake along the San Andreas. Knowing this, would likely give us some advanced notice... that being even a few hours, is certainly better than not having any notice at all!


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Good News for the Rest of US

*Global and US Earthquakes Somewhat Predictable
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For semi-daily and weekly updates on the worlds earthquake activity, with proven forecasts and further explanations, please check out the links below.


M ega Swarms of Tectonic Tremors caused by a "slow slip" are threatening to produce a Massive Earthquake Across the Entire West Coast!

swarms of tectonic tremors along the west pacific coastline
Multiple swarms of Tectonic Tremors produced by a "Slow Slip" may precede a major catastrophic earthquake.

The location in Southern California is now in an earthquake swarm, which means larger movement could be coming in the near term. Recent discovery along San Jacinto fault shows that these tectonic tremors are similar to those that occured prior to other powerful earthquakes! A slow slip event is the slow movement of Tectonic plates rubbing in opposite directions over a longer period of time. A "slow slip" preceded the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan in 2011. It is believed that a slow slip may have preceded other large megaquakes around the world, Including the recent 8.2 in Mexico and the 8.0 in Alaska.
But that's just the half of it. There are actually mega swarms of Techtonic Tremors that have been accumulating for nearly a year and a half, all up and down the west coast of California, Oregon and Washington, forming because of a "slow slip" movement, along the plate boundaries of the San Andreas Fault line. A slow slip can go on for more than 2 years,releasing pressure very slowly through Techtonic Tremors....HOWEVER, when the "slow slip" finally stops and the tremors subside or cease to be, it may be a sign of "the quiet before the storm". From there it could be a matter of hours, days or possibly weeks before a very massive earthquake strikes, but be assured that the resulting built up pressure will soon be released in a big way!
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It is definately not our policy to use scare tactics in any manner to sell our products - in fact, it's just the opposite. We ask that you do not take our word for it, but instead read these articles and references, and then decide for yourself. It is wise to Be Prepared, Not Scared". We would like your business, but whether you purchase from us or anyone else, we ask that you PLEASE take these messages seriously and check for yourself, the links below, and hopefully you will respond in a positive manner and begin a program of Emergency Prepareness. By doing so, thousands of lives could possibly be sparred. Below are listed referenced links that you can read on your own and decide for yourself.

Anza Gap In Riverside County Is 'Ripe To Produce A Damaging Earthquake'
Newsweek: San Andreas Fault: Tectonic tremor detected deep beneath earth’s surface raises risk of massive earthquake
Could the San Jacinto Fault Zone Rupture Sooner Than Expected?
Earthquake Risk Elevated with Detection of Spontaneous Tectonic Tremor in Anza Gap
On San Andreas fault, scientists see potential 'damaging earthquake' lurking in Anza Gap
What are slow slips?

For further reference and a weekly forecast, along with daily updates, check the following link often:

Will You Be Ready for the Inevitable?

The question has now become... WILL ANY OF US BE READY?
    The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 has opened eyes to more than a few who now realize that most products from potassium iodide to food and water supplies will become very scarce, if not impossible, to buy in an extreme emergency - fact being, most of these supplies were unobtainable after only a very few hours. Manufacturers can only carry so much at one time - in most cases, not nearly enough to handle the needs required of those facing a large emergency crisis.
Long term food and emergency water supplies were cut short and it took months for some to replenish their stock. Suppliers, caught in the middle, soon realized that the demand was far greater than the supply, and were unable to fill demands...and all this from a disaster 5000 miles away.
Just imagine if this were on our shores!

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