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Earthquakes Across the US Somewhat Predictable

us movement of earthquake pressure
Earthquake Pressure Patterns Move across the US From West to East

Good News for the Rest of Us

Just as we have seen that earthquakes on our North American continent have come directly from the deep zones of the western Pacific Rim, we also now know that these earthquakes from the west coast of the United States travel in specific paths east across the country to areas of the midwest and then on the east coast.

Pressure transfer is real, it happens virtually REAL TIME, and it is the first step towards accurately, scientifically forecasting an earthquake multiple days before it occurs — getting it down to a specific region to watch over a specific short time - 3-7 days or less from the point of the pressure showing itself via a swarm.
It has been found that pressure coming from the northwest United States will transfer to the Midwest area of the New Madrid Fault by following the interior edge of the North American Crayton southeast from Yellowstone, Wyoming, to parts of Texas, and on up to the midwest.

In the USA, watch for pressure from the West showing as mulitple 3.0M to upper 5.0M earthquakes off the West Coast. Then watch the craton edge as the pressure transfers across WA, OR, ID, MT, NV, AZ, UT, CO, WY, KS, OK, TX and watch the events terminate at the Arkansas border.

You will quickly see that the pressure which “terminates” at the Arkansas border finally releases itself via 1-2 events on the East coast US along the edge of the plate.

One real life example being; In 2011, the 5.9M earthquake which hit Virginia, causing damage on the East coast of the United States ...... was PRECEDED by a 5.0M earthquake at the Colorado fracking operation, and multiple 4.0M earthquakes along the edge of the Craton in WY, CO, OK, and AR.
For weekly forecasts and daily updates on the worlds earthquake activity, with proven forecasts and further explanations, please check out the link below.


The pressure will build upon the entire structure of the plate while trying to evenly distribute itself throughout the mass. The stress will find the weakest points , and release at those points. The “edge” of the craton is the defining line between the “solid” plate, and the weaker “deformed” edge.

Instead of crack and mounds of ice along an ice sheet fracture zone, the rock formations of the fractured plate have formed mountain ranges along the weak inner edge of the craton for eons, thus the mountains of the United States are now confirmed to literally be plate material forced UPWARDS via pressure which COMES FROM THE WEST, when subduction is not capable of keeping up with the tectonic pressure from the Pacific plate, the pressure does indeed TRANSFER across vast distances in a short amount of time (days or less – even hours in some cases).

When the pressure “transfers” across the solid mass of the solid portions of the plate, it finds weak points to release , such as fracking operation injection wells, oil drilling locations, hot springs, dormant volcanoes, and even some deep mining locations.

The fracking operations, oil drilling ops, dormant volcanoes, and deep mines act like perforation points, where the pressure is releasing.

No doubt, at this point I can say for certain, the rolling foothills of the New Madrid seismic zone can also now be confirmed to be caused by past built pressure, causing a BUCKLING in the plate, and massive earthquakes in the midwestern United States.

The new drilling/fracking operations are acting like a relief valve along the center portion of the craton. Normally (naturally) the pressure coming from the West (in the past) would have been placed on the center of the craton (in missouri and the new madrid seismic zone).

Now the fracking operations , drilling operations are “weak points” extending a few miles down into the crust — like perforations in a cardboard box, weak points where bending / breaking can occur.

Notice the THOUSANDS of 3.0 – 5.0M earthquakes which have occurred during the past few years in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado — ALL occurring unexpectedly , and all occurring at fracking operations.

Notice the hundreds of 3.0-4.0M earthquakes at the dormant volcanoes along the deformed edge of the craton in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, California, and even at a dormant volcano/extinct volcano in Georgia!.

Notice the movement of Yellowstone region, moving 1/2inch SOUTHEAST (pushed SE along the edge of the craton).

Notice the confirmed UPLIFT of the magma chambers of Yellowstone Volcano, Mt. St. Helens, Mount Shasta, and Mount Rainier.

The uplift of the magma chambers, the movement of the craton edge, and the multiple earthquake swarms associated with each location proves that the pressure is coming from the WEST, unlike modern day geology thought, which says one earthquake does NOT lead to another, and that the spread of the Midatlantic ridge is what causes mountains to form in the Americas.

The “subduction” process is not keeping up with the movement associated with the Pacific Plate unrest event which has been occurring since before the 2011 Japan megaquake.

We can thank Dutchsinse for his tenacious study and time consuming work ethics, that have ultimately brought about this discovery. Hopefully everyone will pay attention, and visit his website and youtube for his daily forecasts and just maybe many lives can be saved!
California "Big One" Somewhat Predictable

If you are not "prepping", you are playing a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

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