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Emergency Communication / Lighting

Off grid is a term used in survival situations where you are pretty much on your own, independent of the national "power grid" sytem our country relies on daily to provide us with electricity, and similar utility services. Such a failure of the power system would leave us without any of the comforts we now take for granted! Make sure you have some source of alternative light and a means of receiving information from outside world, at the very least.

Multipurpose Radios - Flashlights

* Solar Powered


* Kaito Voyager Radio
- Black


* Kaito Voyager Radio - Green


* Kaito Voyager Radio 
- Red

Kaito Voyager Radio - Yellow

Blackout Buddy

4n1 Dynamo Radio - Flashlight

Kaito Dynamo Radio - Flashlight


Little Giant Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Little Giant Dynamo Radio Flashlight


 * Cell/IPhone Solar Charger


Quake Alarm
Earthquake Detector

solar flashlight
Solar Rechargable Flashlight


Lanterns - Candles

UST 30 Day Lantern - Orange 


UST 30 Day Lantern - Silver


UST 30 Day Lantern - GLO


* 36 LED Solar Dynamo Lantern


UST 60 Day Lantern - Orange


UST 60 Day Lantern - Silver

Collapsible Candle Lantern

* Luminaid Inflatible Lantern


* Multipurpose Solar Lightbulb

36 Hour Survival Candle


36 Hour Survival Candle

Emergency Lightsticks




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