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Emergency Warmth and Shelter Protection

Whether your lost in the great outdoors or just stranded in you car, it is vital that you keep warm and dry in order to lessen the chances of getting very ill. Keep some type of emergency blanket and poncho with you to help fight off the elements of nature and protect yourself from hypothermia.

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Blankets - Ponchos - Bivys - Tents - Hammocks

All Weather Survival Blanket 

All Weather Hooded Survival Blanket

SOL Escape Bivvy -Orange

SOL Escape Bivvy - OD

SOL Thermal Bivvy


Heatsheets Survival Blanket for 2


Heatsheets Survival Blanket - single

SOL Ultralight Emergency Bivvy

SOL ThermoLite Bivvy

SOL ThermoLite Bivvy

SOL Sport Utility Blanket

Emergency Blanket

Blizzard Survival Bag


Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag


Emergency Mylar Mylar Blanket


Space Emergency Survival Blanket


Emergency Utility
Wool Blanket

Emergency Insulated Reflective Tent


Vinyl  Emergency Ponchos

Childrens Emergency  Poncho


Adult Emergency Poncho


Hennessey Explorer Asym Dlx. Hammock


Hennessey Hex Rainfly Cover

Hennessey Snakeskins



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