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Barrel Bag Protective Drum Cover

Barrel Bag Protective Drum Cover black Barrel Bag Protective Drum Cover silver

The Barrel Bag™ Protective Drum Cover...
for that extra added level of protection

The The Barrel Bag™ is specifically designed to cover and protect 55 gallon water barrels, as well as the open lid 55 gallon barrels used for food and emergency storage supplies. There is no longer a need to throw those cumbersome drops and tarps over your barrels in order to try and protect them from the beating sun and unstable windy weather!

Many barrels over a short period of time, especially those stored outside which are exposed to the elements, get weathered and worn down. Dirt, mildew, mold, bird excretions and grime, among other things, collects in the bung caps and barrel tops making a very unsanitary condition for your supply of emergency water. This creates a dangerous environment that can introduce very harmful contaminants at the time when you need your water supply the most.

dirty barrel top barrel bag tie

Debris can enter your water source after opening the bung cap.
There is also a drawsting at the bottom of the bag to keep debris from entering the bag.

The Barrel Bag™ has the following features:

* Water Resistant - prevents dirt and water build up on top
* UV/Sun Protection - prolongs the life of the polyethylene plastic drum and helps to further prevention of bacteria caused by direct heat of the sun.
* Mildew Resistant - resists mildew so it can clean up nicely
*Strong and Durable - no need to worry about the cover blowing off in the strong winds
* Draw Tie to secure cover on barrel - further protection from the elements
* Attractive- Not only efficient, but now it looks good on your patio
* Very Affordable - no other cover works this well for this price!!


for those who have a need for an even heavier duty cover!

heavy duty barrel bag

bmsub Z



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