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We are a family based, veteran owned company located in the foothills of Highland CA.,
serving our community and surrounding SoCal with the best possible service we can offer.
Our aim is to help as many as possible to get prepared for any natural or man made disaster that might come about. We feel that the more prepared everyone is, the less burden they will be on society and public service should something develope. We offer products, product information and guidance to get started and begin building a level of self reliance that they will need to get by - as you will definately be on your own for a while! Whether you buy from us or someone else, PLEASE start somewhere....but we hope you will start with us!   

First things first.

There seems to be some confusion in the pronunciation of our name,
so let me clear this up first.
CalQuakeIE is derived from 2 names - California and earthquake - thus we get CalQuake. As for the IE... this is the acceptable shortened version of the Inland Empire, where we are located.
So why am I bringing this up?

If you live in the Southern California area, you may already know this, and to many, the name may seem obvious, but if you happen to live outside the area, and are not familiar with the Inland Empire area, then the name may not seem so obvious. For example, I have found, that many pronounce the name as (cow-Q-achee) or (cow-quackee), and since we have nothing to do with cows or ducks, I thought it was worth the time to mention.
I hope this helps to clear up things a bit.

Moving on:

It was through frustration that this website came about. Just as anyone would want to have some type of emergency supplies stored away for a rainy day, I too decided to start on a program of preparedness.

Like many, I didn't know where to start. As I read more and more about the dangers of earthquakes, I soon realized that the first line of preparation should probably be the storage of some water, since that seemed to be the less costly. I was wrong. I started buying gallon containers of water from the grocery store a little at a time. When I had finally reached about 25 gallon, I noticed that I was drinking almost as much as I was buying - thus not really storing away an awful lot. Plus I was constantly refilling and rotating the containers that had become empty.

My next move was to start buying polyethylene containers in 5, 6 and 7 gal. sizes, of which I filled and stored away. These seem to work out quite well, except for one problem. The water still needed to be rotated at least every 6 months to keep it fresh and bacteria free. While you may be thinking that's not too bad, I want to remind you just how fast 6 months can fly by. Then there was the price of the containers. Although not badly priced, they were still much more than the cost of a 55 gal drum would have been. Strike two.

My next thought was to once and for all, purchase a 55 gallon polyethylene drum, throw in the water preserver and forget about it. Wrong again. As I started looking for a drum, I soon realized that there were very few places I could purchase one. Most were on the internet and very expensive. Those that seemed not so expensive had shipping and handling charges as much, if not more, than the drums themselves. And I was not about to spend a day and drive a 100 miles to pick one up.

The moral of this story and the good news is this;

Now that I've done all the digging and leg work, I can offer you, the customer, a great deal on a water storage drum system, purifier, pump, bung wrench and all the trimmings to go with it,  and you don't have to spend months of searching, nor hundreds of dollars to have one! And if you happen to live in the Inland Empire or Southern Ca. (maybe you're driving through on your way to Vegas or the mountains) then this is a double good deal. The drums are about 23' wide and a little less than 3' high, so they could presumably fit in the back seat of an automobile. Fill em and forget em, for at least for 5 years, anyway, and your water storage problem is solved.

Can't stop there:

Once I had the water problem solved, my focus grew to the food storage dilemma. My feelings were; if someone wants to have his water storage problem out of mind, I would assume the same to hold true with food as well.
It makes sense that having enough food to get by on during an emergency disaster is just as important as having water. Once again I went to the internet and found what I thought was a pretty good deal on Mountain House 25 year shelf life food @ 25% off. I thought it was my lucky day. Today I know better. That 25% off just about brought me back down to full retail. A lesson learned and I'm passing it on to you. Do your research before you buy. What looks like a good buy might be a black hole in disguise.

We offer a full line of Mountain House products, and Wise Foods with a 25-30 year shelf life. You may be one of the industrious types who can preserve, can and keep a good rotated stock of supplies. I say, more power to you. Its nice to have a well stocked cupboard. But if your anything like me, you want a stash of food that will be there when you need it, regardless of time, and you don't have to worry about rotating it on a regular basis. Wise Foods and Mountain House Foods are known worldwide for their quality and taste. A little water and in 10 minutes they're ready to eat. By the way, we are willing to price match any legitimate sales offer on Mountain House Foods - just give us a call or send us a link to the food storage plan you like and we will meet it or beat it!

What else do we offer?

About 2000 items that are specially designed for emergency earthquake and disaster preparedness and survival. With Cal-Quake IE, we have chosen to work more closely with the public to provide a more  defined set of products that will meet the needs of individuals and businesses, here in the Inland Empire, where earthquakes and fires are our greatest concern. If you are a business, church or any organization that would like to know that you're prepared, give us a call. These items can be purchased by either phone,  C.O.D., or by credit card or Paypal. We want to be your turn to when the times get tough, so if you think you've found a better deal on Mountain House foods, water drums or even earthquake kits, please give us a call first, before you buy - maybe we can make it worth your time.


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