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Emergency Sanitation - Hygiene

Proper sanitation and hygiene has eliminated some of our most deadly diseases, allowing us to live longer and healthier lives through the revolutionary infrastructures of network plumbing and sanitary measures. Today we take for granted the luxury of simply turning on a faucet for drinking water or flushing the commode to rid us of waste. Public Health Systems ensure that our sanitation, living and hygiene needs are met. But what if all these conveniences were suddenly removed? No running water. No flushing toilets. No structures, institutions or infrastructure for you to rely upon for sanitation and proper hygiene?

"Sometimes the Simplest Necessities Can Be the
Most Rewarding".

   Emergency Sanitation

hygiene Kit

Personal Hygiene Kit 

Portable Honey Bucket

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System

Camp Solar Shower

Portable Toilet Seat

Hand Soap Sheets

Go Girl

Restop 2 Waste Bags

EZ Care Bath Packs

 Double Doodie Disposable Bags

PeeWee Urinal Bags

Bio-Blue Toilet Chemicals

Go Anywhere Waste Disposal Bags

Travel John Urinal

Travel John Waste Kit


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